Soul Fragments, your source of power

In earlier screenshots, I had experience points and a level. Today, I implemented that. Aaaaaand... it wasn't that fun.

I've always loved how souls were handled in Dawn of Sorrow: Whenever you killed an enemy, there is a percent chance they would drop their soul. Each soul gave you a unique power; either passive or active. The more souls you have, the stronger that power is.

I have always wanted to do something like that, so... fuck it! Here we are! I've decided to abandon leveling entirely (for now?) and embrace the soul system entirely. However, I've made some changes... Here's how it works:

When you kill an enemy, they drop a fragment of their soul. Collect enough soul fragments to level up the soul ability. Right now, the first fragment will always give you level 1, granting you the weakest form of the ability. As you level up a soul, you will need more and more fragments to achieve the next level, maxing out at 9.

Right now, there is only the Zombie soul, which grants increased constitution (aka health). Does that make sense for a zombie? Well, let me ask you: Have you ever tried to kill a zombie? Those things absorb damage like it's nobodies business. But, maybe it doesn't make sense. I can always change it in the future.

Let me know what you think about this change, and any cool monster soul combinations you've always wanted to use!

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