WASD/Arrow Keys - Move

J/C/Left Click - Sword (after unlocking)

K/X/Right Click - Hammer (after unlocking)

If using a Controller:

D-Pad/Left Stick - Move

Bottom button - Sword (after unlocking)

Left button - Hammer (after unlocking)


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Development log


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Fun game, and quite big! Would've liked to have a zelda-like on my 3310 :D

Did you do anything with the "Death is good" theme that I missed?

As feedback I'd say the walking speed is a little too slow, I often see the solution to your (pretty well-designed) puzzles but it takes ages to walk over :)


Not really. The original plan was to have the story advance every time you die (which would be separate from gameplay), but the story ended up getting cut entirely due to time restrictions.

Funny game, good job!

Thanks. I just released Version 2, which has a second puzzle-based dungeon, along with a lot of improvements, like better AI and more sound.

If you liked it before, I'm sure you'll like the additional content since yesterday! :)

Good job, now is even better :D. The puzzles were really nice.