Version 2.0 Released!

Aw man, it's here! Yesterday, I was disappointed to release what I had: An MVP product with only a third of my original design.

BUT, I stayed up all last night, and now, a day later, I've released a MASSIVE update to the game. You have things like:

  • HUD Improvments
  • More sound
  • A SECOND dungeon with a focus on puzzles
  • Improved AI

I don't even know what else. A lot of things went into this, compared to what I released yesterday. The game is now over twice as long, and makes the previous version hard to play in comparison.

Still, I had to cut a lot of things in order to finish on time (more items, more enemies, a third dungeon...), but 2/3rds of my original plan is much better than the 1/3rd I had yesterday... and this version is so much more polished and reflects my original design so much more.

I didn't want to post screenshots of the second dungeon, since I didn't want to spoil anything. But, just approaching the dungeon is... well, me and my wife both had the same reaction, and hopefully you will too.

I've made it quite difficult, but I've tried to keep things fair, and avoid being evil and punishing the player too harshly.

I hope you all like it! And, if it's popular enough, I'll be sure to make a sequel. (My original plan was to have some tie ins with the Love is Blind story, but the story for this game, sadly, hit the cutting room floor).

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Feb 04, 2020

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