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I really liked the concept of this one. My only gripe would be that I couldn't quite get a handle on how the steering wheel operated. But I really enjoyed the fact that you had to maintain several different things at a time. To *really* get the sense of a long drive it might have been good to have luls in the action where the player just focuses on driving which might cause them to zone out. If you were inclined, you could take this much further with more radio options, progressively more variety and difficulty in tasks, and maybe even play with additional audio/visual cues that might go so far as to taunt the player at times. Perhaps even a story or setting. Good job!

Needs better player feedback. Why am I suddenly dying? All I can do is occasionally turn the car and mess with the radio.

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You are being pulled out of the car to your left.

I noticed on slower PC's like my laptop, it happens WAY too fast and you can't tell what's happening.

If you look to your left, and lock the door, this will stop it from happening. But I don't think it likes that.