(Much needed) Love for Diamonds

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I've made diamonds collectable, and thus, pushed out a new version to play.

Also, since I've figure out how to export everything, I was able to do it quickly and cleanly. It was a little tedious, so either there is a better way for me to export and zip everything all at once, or maybe I need to automate exporting everything. Time will tell.

Next up I need to add a gui to show your score, and a proper ending that doesn't involve and infinite free-fall.


DiamondFall-HTML5.zip Play in browser
Jun 30, 2018
DiamondFall-Windows.zip 13 MB
Jun 30, 2018
DiamondFall-Linux.zip 14 MB
Jun 30, 2018
DiamondFall-Mac.zip 29 MB
Jun 30, 2018

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