Love is Blind released!

If you've been following my Patreon, then you've seen these screenshots already. I've been teasing it... now, here it is! Love is Blind!

You play as Love, a blind princess, and must find your way though the castle, feeling things out as you go!

I've never seen this sort of mechanic in a game before (except... maybe... Super Mario Sunshine? Super Meat Boy? no...) and I think it turned out very well! Let me know what you think, because if it's popular enough, I totally will make more games in this universe. Actually, I have the whole story in my head... but I didn't want to put a wall of text, and I definitely couldn't put it all into one game (it would have to span multiple genres), so I settled with a "snapshot" of the story, a very important moment, and told it as best as I could, while offering a glimpse into the greater world.

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Feb 22, 2019

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