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Really interesting idea! Loved the concept

I really liked the idea and found it interesting that you had to touch things to know where they were, unlike traditional games where you move around a space :)

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 06:00 (The 2nd Game)

Such a sweet game! I love the principal of not being able to see your surroundings and having to physically explore everything instead just going to your objective. Great work Dev!


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Such a short yet sweet game.The storytelling was very simple and got the message across.I loved the game mechanics.They were something I had never seen before.As for the ending it broke my heart. :(

This game is minimalist in many ways--the aesthetic, mechanics, and the storytelling--and yet it still captured my attention (and shattered my heart...)! This is a very well-made game. I love it!

short and gets the message across ! I really liked that we were actually blind and our name is love ! very clever ! But. my good sir/madam developer why did you have to break my heart and shatter my dreams ?????  this need a sequal tbh !

here's my gameplay btw:

Please tell me there's more than one endining

please tell me i just got a bad ending so she can have her happy ending :(

Finally got to play and it was lovely and a bit sad cause... well... no spoilers here. :)

Very much enjoyed! Short but sweet. A good concept to continue building from. The theme of blindness gave me extra anxiety, thinking I was going to end up leading Love into danger, but I very much loved the effect it had as I was slowly exploring and building up the world around me. Would love to see more! 

Thanks! That's the exact experience I was going for.