Submission time!

I'm publishing what I've got for the game jam.

Early on, I learned that a lot of work would be required for every temporal object. Between the art, figuring out how to track things in the code, and my relatively novice experience with godot, it was a lot of setup for only a little content.

If I wasn't making this for a Jam, then it would be worth laying down all this foundation for an engine... but this project was really meant to be a proof of concept.

In the past, I was overly  ambitious, and projects die because of feature creep. I've gotten a lot better at this, and I can tell. I was very aggressive about cutting features, and scoping down. In fact, I planned for two more levels, but the amount of work for adding a scale, a growing tree, a toggle-able lever... It was just too much for so little. As I said, if I planned to make a dozen levels, and re-use these assets more than once, that would have been a different story.

I learned a lot about Godot, and I learned a bit more about planning. I thought I had a nice and small game, but I ended up cutting out most of the content. I think this stems from me realizing how complex the levels would be, and my inexperience with godot, more than anything else.

I think my next project should have more content with less complex mechanics.

Lastly, if I ever do a time-travel game in the future, I found the "slider" didn't give as much agency as I hoped, and it would be a lot less complex to replicate the Oracle of Ages style time-travel, while still having the same amount of complexity. It doesn't have to have just two ages, but "100+" ages are just too much, for too little gain.

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Dec 30, 2018

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